Bow Corridor Ecosystem Advisory Group

The ‘Bow Corridor Ecosystem Advisory Group’ (BCEAG) is a interagency advisory group formed in 1995 to address environmental and resource issues in the Bow Corridor. BCEAG’s partnering agencies include the Town of Canmore, Municipal District of Bighorn, Alberta Government, Banff National Park and Town of Banff. Working in a multi-jurisdictional partnership, BCEAG prepares integrated recommendations for consideration by the member agencies.

BCEAG Documents

Note: the BCEAG Wildlife Corridor and Habitat Patch Guidelines were updated in 2012. These replace the 1999 Guidelines (included below for reference purposes).

BCEAG Recreational Opportunities Working Group (ROWG) Draft Recommendations

Following the publication of the initial BCEAG guidelines, a series of workshops were held in 2002 to discuss recreation and human use. ROWG was established as a mechanism to coordinate and make recommendations on the management of recreational opportunities from the Banff National Park East Gate to Seebe. The following documents and maps are the outcomes from the ROWG process.

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